Homestyler Interior Design App Reviews

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Great app, but is crashing

Its really a great app, but everytime I try to design something it crashes...


When using the furniture mode, this app makes amazing things. Im completely addicted. =) But dont work very well when you try to paint a wall. :(

Hard to use now - need another update ASAP

I use this app a lot on iphone 6. After upgrading, its hard to work on it because if you are at living room (for example) and looking for a chair for example, after add the chair you need to return and go to the living room again, looking for chairs again if you need to change or add different style. Also if you resize an item and want other exactly same piece when you duplicate the item appear with the original size and not the size that you changed. Please fix this ASAP!!!!

Oh will

I love it, but it needs a lot of changes to make it good again

Amazing app but needs bug fixes

Love love looove this app! But currently needs bug fixes ever science I updated to the Latest update. Cancels out of app every so often then when u go back to the app it restarts and u have to start your design all over again ........ Please fix ASAP!


Whenever I click a paint color it closes so please fix

I updated it and now it crashes everytime I paint!

Please resolve this issue it was an awsome app!!

Want to love it

Would be a really great app, if it wouldnt crash and lose what Im doing.

Autodesk Homestyler

Its an amazing app, probably my favourite app in the App Store. Lately though it has been shutting down on me and its continuing and getting worse! Waiting for an update to fix the bug!

Cool app

Great idea and it would be fun to use but it crashes constantly (especially at paint colours/wallpaper) Please fix!

Please fix fast

Hey, first Id like to say I defiantly agree with the first review the app is awesome but the bugs are getting worse and worse probably going to delete the game

Frequent Crashes

Crashes too often (almost becoming clockwork) But this slight inconvenience hasnt prevented me from hours of creative enjoyment


Its just a shopping advertising.

Best design app!

I have been looking for a good design app and I am now satisfied with this app it is a great app. I would wish they would add the floor plan so u could do multiple rooms. I would like to say there is a better version on the pc/Internet so check that out!

Love it!!

More addictive than candy crush!!


My favorite app! :)

Love it!

Love your app! Look so real! The only question Im asking is why my account randomly deleted itself? I can find it anywhere and I had really cool designs. Please fix that little thing... Thank you. Love love LOVE!

Is this a game??

Is this a game?

Wouldnt even start

Never even starts on my iPad 3. It shows the startup screen and hangs.

Could be a great app

I would absolutely loooovee this app if I could actually finish a room. It has crashed on me 6 times in half an hour. So fed up.

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